Bison Airlighter

By on December 15, 2015
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The Bison Airlighter is made for those camp cooks that want a cooking fire on demand. Fill it with butane, push the button forward and you have a butane flame shooting out 6 inches. Hold it up to what needs to be lit and let it do it’s thing. Once a fire is slowly starting, just push the switch backwards and it turns into a bellows to truly stoke the flame. Flame and air are not the only features of the Bison Air Lighter, it is also equipped with a light to easily see what you’re lighting if it is dark. It also has a bottle opener on the bottom, because cooking over an open flame goes hand in hand with an ice cold beverage.


[box type=”shadow” ]Manufacturer: Buffalo
Product Name: Buffalo Airlighter
MSRP: $79.95[/box]

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