Coghlan’s Hard Anodized Cookset

By on December 15, 2015
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The Coghlan’s Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset is a truly unique camping cook set. Spend enough time lugging camp cookware from you car to your kitchen and you’ll appreciate having a dedicated cook set for your camping trips. Finding a single cookset that you can leave in your camp box, that contains everything you’ll need for cooking, is a tall order. Luckily we did the leg work and tracked one day that fits the bill perfectly.

Coghlan’s Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset is a four-piece cook set with three lids. You will get a small pot, medium pot, and a large pot and the hard anodized finish on them gives them a natural non-stick coating. It’s durable and meant to be used on a camp stove.


Manufacturer: Coghlan’s
Product Name: Coghlan’s Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset
MSRP: $83.95

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