How to Flame Cook the Perfect Juicy Steak

By on January 26, 2016
Juicy Steak on a plate

There’s a fine line between being a lover of flame-cooked steak and a steak snob. Actually, the line moves depending on your personal commitment to cooking and eating the “perfect juicy steak.” One man’s snobbery is another’s every Sunday in the backyard habit.

At Fired Up Food, we are self-admitting fanatics about pursuit of the perfect steak. Upping your skills and knowledge toward creating the perfect steak is sort of like golf. Every time you golf, the ultimate goal is perfection – an 18-hole round played in 18 strokes.  It’s impossible, but it’s the ultimate definition of perfection.

Flame cooking the perfect juicy steak is equally unachievable. No matter how much you spend on a luxuriously marbled piece of meat, no matter how carefully you build the fire, no matter what exotic herb blend with which you season it, no matter how attentive you are to every second of the cooking and resting process, you can never know for sure you’ve achieved perfection. Even if you can honestly say, “This is the best steak I’ve ever eaten,” how do you know for sure the next one won’t be even better?

In the “Fired Up Food Complete Guide to Flame Cooking the Perfect Steak” we’ve assembled the information we’ve gathered, experienced, and dreamed up in our own pursuits for perfection. Here are all the steps:

  1. Selecting a Steak
  2. Preparing Steak
  3. Seasoning
  4. Fire, Fuel and Cooking Surface
  5. Cooking Process
  6. Cooking to Temp
  7. Resting
  8. Cutting and Slicing
  9. Saucing and Sides
  10. Alternative Cooking Methods

We suggest there are a couple of ways for you to use this huge list of information.

If you’re new to cooking great steaks over open flames, then this guide can be a springboard to launch you quickly to “master” status.  We also hope to inspire confidence. The monetary investment in a really good steak is not insignificant. Learning these proven techniques and methods should help put you at ease. To you, we say, “Welcome to a delicious brand of fanaticism.”

If you’re well into your pursuit of perfection, we offer the Guide as a checklist to see if there’s anything you may have missed or, more likely, to inspire a new idea or path to explore. Golfers all play the same courses, but every round is as unique as a fingerprint. The same can be said for every time you light the fire! Every fire, every steak is a unique experience to be savored.

Our continual pursuit of steak perfection will be ongoing … as will yours … so let’s chase it together … and savor every bite!

Juicy Steak on a plate

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