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By on October 15, 2015

It would be fun to say that the PantherFanz Tailgating group was organized the day after the NFL announced the Carolina Panthers as the 30th franchise of the National Football League on October 26th, 1993, but that would be untrue. Most members of Pantherfanz Tailgating have been diehard fans America's legends of the Tailgatesince that momentous day, but it took a few years for things to develop and morph into their current form as we know it today.  When the team opened up the regular season in 1996 at then Ericsson Stadium, nearly all of the current cast of members were present in some parking lot around the stadium.  For many it was a new experience, for some it was a continuation of traditions from other football cities.

Most people brought some food and/or beverage of choice with them. Others pulled out the propane grills from their old camping sets, and attempted to make some decent parking lot cuisine. It was tailgating in its rawest form. But as fan enthusiasm grew, so did the size and complexity of the tailgate in the lot.  The Pantherfanz Tailgate took on a life of its own to form a diverse combination of people, personalities, and football neighborhoods headed up by their very own Head Coach Dan ‘DanO’ Ortel.  Over the years the group has grown in size with smokers, grills, tailgate vehicles, tents, and technology added to the mix to create the ultimate tailgate experience in the shadows of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.  Coach DanO is happy to let you know that they are still undefeated in the lot, and that the pregame tailgate rituals of Food, Football, and Friends is a uniquely American experience that have brought people together the way no other sporting experience could.

Best Regards – Dan

Pantherfanz Famous Pork

America's Legends of the Tailgate

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Old South State Paint

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Pantherfanz Red-Zone Dry Rub

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Carolina Border BBQ Sauce

America's legends of the Tailgate

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